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Creative Director: Strategist, Storyteller, Designer, Mentor

If you’d like to know me who I am professionally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for a resume. Here, though, I’d like you to know who I am, full stop. I asked one of my colleagues if they could describe me (no bribes involved, I swear!) and this is what they gave me:

“Pascaline is the most honest and forthright person you will know. She is quiet and modest, yet unfailingly direct. She does not suffer fools, and her temper is quick; yet she may also be the kindest person you meet. She marries a sweet innocence to a hard-nosed realism.”

“Pascaline is tireless in her work. She wouldn’t know how to shirk a duty even if she was told to try. It is natural for her to throw herself into a project with no holding back. Her delight in designing both concepts and details is evident, as is the considerable experience and knowledge that she has accumulated. While quite learned in her field as-is, she is ever eager to hone and even add to her skills. She also enjoys teaching and mentoring younger people.”

Areas of Expertise

Agile Process | Art Direction | Brand Positioning | Coding | Copywriting
 | Data Visualization | Graphic Design | Motion Design | Photography | Problem-solving | Research | Storytelling | Strategy | Team Building & Mentorship | UX & UI Design

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